Terms and Conditions

Tour Conditions and Responsibilities
We, East Coast EdVentures, LLC (ECE) act only as agent for the suppliers of lodging, sightseeing, transportation and food services, all of which are independent contractors. As agents, we have no control over the employees, equipment or operation of our suppliers, and therefore cannot be held liable for personal injuries, property damage, accidents, delays or other inconveniences that result from their acts or omissions. Likewise, we cannot be held liable for the acts or omissions of any party not under ECE’s direct control.

Personal safety and loss of property:
ECE assumes no responsibility for your personal safety or for loss of property. ECE reserves the right at its sole discretion to require any participant who presents a risk to the health, safety or enjoyment of other participants, to withdraw from the tour. Participants who do not abide by the rules and regulations of ECE, or whose conduct endangers the success of the tour or the welfare of other tour members or tour leaders, may be required to withdraw from the tour.

Laws and Regulations:
Participants in ECE tours are solely responsible for compliance with requirements of police, customs or local authorities while in transit or at the destination. ECE will endeavor to provide participants with accurate information concerning laws and regulations but cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions.

Passport and Visas:
U.S. citizens entering Canada must have a passport. Non-U.S. citizens must have a passport, U.S. form I-94, and DS 2019 and may also require a separate Canadian visa. Information regarding required documentation may be found at the Canadian Embassy website, http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/index.asp ECE cannot be held responsible for participants who do not have the required documentation for entry to Canada, or for reentry to the U.S.A.

Loss of documentation:
ECE’s tour buses depart at the appointed hour. Tours do NOT wait for tardy participants or participants without proper passport/visa/identification. Any participant on an international tour who loses or misplaces legal identification documents during the tour will be solely responsible for securing his/her reentry into the U.S. and return home. All such costs are the responsibility of the participant.

ECE reserves the right to make alterations to the itinerary, hotel accommodations, dates, transportation, food arrangements and sightseeing as deemed necessary or desirable in its sole discretion.

Possession and use of illegal drugs on ECE tours is strictly prohibited. Should any participant be found to possess drugs in their luggage or on their person, they may be required to withdraw from the tour immediately. Repatriation and/or transportation back home will be at the sole expense of the participant.

If ECE decides at any time that fulfillment or completion of any tour is inadvisable due to adverse weather conditions, strikes, political instability, or any other reason beyond the control of ECE, ECE may cancel or terminate the tour in progress without refund. If a trip is cancelled for causes within our control, full or partial refund will be made, within ECE’s sole discretion. ECE may cancel any tour prior to departure in which case a full refund will be made.

Sleeping arrangements:
The price quoted for the tour is based on 4 per room of the same sex sharing 2 double beds (up to 6 persons/ 3 double beds per room for Washington, DC). Alternative arrangements, at additional cost, are often available. For further information, contact East Coast EdVentures or indicate your preference when registering.

Cancellation policies:
If you cancel 21 days or more before departure, you will receive a full refund, less a $5 service charge. If you cancel between 10 and 20 days before departure, you will forfeit $50.00. If you cancel within 10 days of departure, you will forfeit the entire cost of the trip unless we find a replacement for your spot, in which case you will forfeit $50.00.
Returned Checks: If your check is returned (due to insufficient funds), we will charge you a $15 fee.

For questions or for more information, call East Coast EdVentures at 508- 358-4799, e-mail: ecedventures@comcast.net Website: http://www.eastcoastedventures.com